Factors to Consider When Buying a Car

bying a carOwning a good car is the dream for most people today. Depending on the personal circumstances, every other person has his or her reasons for buying a car. You could be having a family and moving around in convenience matters a lot. You could be working at a place where you will need to have a private means to reach. There are also those people who buy motor cars for social image and prestige. When all has been said and done, every car buyer must consider the following factors first;

The purpose of your car

Every buyer will work best with a certain type of car in given circumstances. If you are a bachelor, there is a whole wide spectrum of cars to choose from. You can go for a two seat car, a sports car or a convertible. This will not be the case if you have three little children because you will need space, comfort and good car safety features. If when you are going home you have to drive off-road, then a car with low ground clearance won’t work well. You will probably need a 4×4 or an SUV.

Your budget
There are cars that cost $10,000 while there are others that will make you fork out $2M. Your ideal car should be a compromise between good value and a reasonable price. Because a car is something that you will use for a long time, you will need to invest both time and money to acquire it. Save money for your dream car. Don’t forget that many car dealers and even financial institutions offer finance to automobile buyers.

Fuel Efficiency
After buying your dream car, you surely don’t want to be using it on a few chosen days a month because you can’t afford to fuel it. Different cars consume fuel differently. There are those that will cover 60 miles for every gallon of fuel while there are those that will drain the fuel tank at a rate of one gallon per 20 miles. Still on fuel consumption, determine whether you will be traveling long distances or you will be driving around the city. City traffic tends to take up more fuel than highways.

Repairs and Maintenance cost
A commonly found car in your country or locality is likely to be cheaper to repair and maintain. If you are the only owner of an exotic car in your country, then you should be ready to foot expensive maintenance and repair costs because very few auto part stockists will have your car’s parts. Also consider your driving habits and environment so that you are able to estimate the wear and tear of parts such as tires, plugs and brake pads.

Insurance and road tax
If you buy a car that emits a lot of CO2, then your road tax is definitely going to be high. In most cases, a car that has more miles to the gallon has low CO2 emissions while fuel guzzlers emit more. There are motor cars which won’t make you pay a dime on road tax. As for insurance, the more expensive and rare your car is in your locality, the higher the insurance premiums you will pay.
After considering all of the above factors and also having located a good dealer, you will find the perfect car to fulfill your needs.

Travelling to the UK with your dog

If you are planning a trip to England, Scotland or Wales with your dog, this comprehensive guide provides you with all the information necessary for a pleasant and stress-free travel.

travel to uk with your dogFor a long time, taking his dog on holiday in the UK was unthinkable, because of strict quarantine regulations. Since these regulations were abolished in 2000 (but subject to certain conditions set by the “Pet Travel Scheme”), the UK has become a popular destination for dog owners. After the entry into force of new legislation concerning the entry of animals in the United Kingdom on 1 January 2012, take his dog in the UK has become as easy as traveling to any country in Europe .

Traveling in the UK with your pet, you must follow a series of five steps to ensure the well-being of your pet while being consistent with the law.
The blood test and treatment for ticks are no longer required for dogs entering the UK from the European Union. This reduces six-month trip preparation in the UK (time between the blood test and entry into Great Britain).

Other rules apply if more than five dogs are taken in the UK or if you come from a country outside the European Union.
In addition, certain breeds of dogs are not accepted in the UK. This prohibition applies not only to certain breeds but also for any dog ​​of similar appearances with the banned breeds. The owners incur heavy penalties for any attempt to enter the United Kingdom with similar dogs in the following breeds:

Pitbull Terrier
Japanese Tosa
Dogo Argentino
Fila Brasileiro

You can find more information about banned dogs and sanctions here online.

If your pet does not meet all the conditions of entry to the UK, it will be kept and you will be obliged to pay  for all charges applicable to be able to have your dog again.

The English are known to be a people who love dogs. There are many associations and organizations of protection of our four-legged friends and the dog population in the UK is 8.5 million.

Driving with dogs in the UK

A majority of tourists visiting the UK like  traveling by car to have maximum freedom and for movement across the country easily. The site Driving with Dogs provides dog owners with all necessary information on the subject. In addition to providing more than 400 walks over 7 km at each exit of the motorway network, the site also offers several very useful information. Feel free to take a look before planning your trip.

Activities for your dog

The UK is known for its wealth of hiking trails making it an  and their master. The most DOGS IN ukinternationally known for hiking destinations include Cornwall and Scotland.

Cornwall are so popular with dog owners that the Cornwall Tourism Board has created a guide dedicated to them and where you can find information about accommodation accepting dogs and activities and events dedicated to them. If you want to know more, you will find more information about this site: Dogs Love Cornwall.

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